The Art of Dyane Neiman

#1 How got the event series „The Bear“ started? The passion for the Art of Storytelling is contagious.

Dyane Neiman, Storyteller and Founder „The Bear“

#2 How do you find the right story?
#3 What were the three biggest challenges?
#4 What can business people learn about storytelling?

How do you find the right story? Great advice you can apply wherever you have to impress an audience with a story. She tells us also how you can experience the power of passionate storytelling. Photography by Felix Limmer.

Dyane shares in this episode her three biggest challenges with The Bear so far and what she learned in her work as an artist and now can use at The Bear to engage the audience.

What business people can learn from The Bear and improve their customer relationship. Also Dyane gives her recommendations to read and watch: Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath , Wired for Story by Lisa Cron , and a video by Paul Zak: short film on empathy, neurochemistry, and the dramatic arc.

We recorded in Raum Think at Meeet, Räume für Begegnungen, thank you for your hospitality.